ScottishPower and Meter Provida: compliance in the smart rollout

Written by admin 20.01.2019

ScottishPower, part of the Iberdrola Group, a global energy company, is one of the UK’s Big 6 energy suppliers, serving energy to 5 million households and businesses across the UK. It has undertaken to replace all legacy meters with smart meters to meet the Government’s 2020 deadline.

The compliant removal and management of meter assets in the smart rollout is an essential yet often marginalized part of the process. ScottishPower recognised the need for a specialist partner to help them deliver on this part of the smart rollout and selected Meter Provida to deliver on the 6 key elements for OFGEM compliance.

Data Services: OFGEM’s reporting regulations state that a company must track and report on each individual asset from its removal from the wall.

Using Meter Provida’s data services, each ScottishPower meter is tracked from its removal, with photos, conditions reports, and readings uploaded to Slipstream for internal monitoring and regulatory reporting.

Returns Management: ScottishPower meters are returned to Meter Provida’s specialist Reverse Logistics division where they are scanned on arrival before going to triage. Meter Provida works to ISO standards and each action is logged into Slipstream to ensure continued compliance.

Triage & Refurbishment: Each meter is then checked for damage and condition and this information is logged in the system. Where possible, the meters are refurbished and returned to ScottishPower. Meters belonging to other companies are separated for repatriation.

Meter Disposal: For those meters where repair is not an option, Meter Provida manages the disposal, following a compliant and ‘green’ disposal procedure with a complete audit trail. Scottish Power is committed to the highest environmental standards and this procedure gives them complete assurance that the disposal of redundant meters is environmentally sound.

Warranty & Liability: Repatriating meters to their owners is an important part of the reverse logistics process. Through integration with industry databases, Meter Provida is able to identify the owners of assets, and can manage the repatriation process, with an audit trail from removal to return.

Storage & Warehousing: With over 5 million ScottishPower supplied meters to be removed in the next 2 years, the scale of removed meter management is vast. Meeting OFGEM regulations on the storage of meters is essential, and Meter Provida’s trained teams work to these standards. Warehousing and storage capabilities set up specifically for the Smart Rollout ensure all of ScottishPower’s removed assets are dealt with in one location, reducing the carbon footprint.

Meter Provida’s 360 approach to meter reverse logistics removes a significant burden on companies switching legacy and smart meters. Ensuring complete OFGEM compliance from processes through to data and reporting, it mitigates the need for a business to invest in its own facility. It reduces the capital expenditure and investment in set up, staff training, and process required to scale up a reverse logistics operation which may only be required for a short period of time.

Andrew Ward, Smart Director of ScottishPower, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Meter Provida to support us in collecting and examining our removed meters. Where possible Meter Provida will recycle existing meters in an environmentally friendly way. This is an often overlooked part of the smart meter rollout.”