It makes sense to WorkSmart

Written by admin 6.11.2018
Meter Provida has released a new app aimed at revolutionising the way meter engineers work.

The app – called WorkSmart – enables meter installers to order consumables via their mobile devices and have them despatched the same day*, reducing the potential for costly downtime and optimising project efficiency.

WorkSmart is part of the Meter Provida Slipstream family of Apps and provides supervisors and operations teams with the ability to set pre-authorised spending levels for field engineers to order consumables they need to complete a job.

“Currently, when meter installers discover they don’t have the correct tools or equipment for any given job, they either have to return to base or go to a trade merchant nearby,” says Meter Provida Sales Director David Pye. “This can either result in a delay or paying an inflated price, but with the WorkSmart app, all it takes is a swipe of their mobile device to get the order and deliver process underway. And because everything is automated, it also avoids any cumbersome paper trails.”

The App, which is now available across android and iOS platforms, carries a selection of more than 500 essential consumable products – from PPE to masonry drills. The selection is fully customisable to suit the operational needs of the user business and is constantly updated with new additions suggested by users.

Once the engineer identifies and submits his or her requirements via WorkSmart (a keyword rich search facility is available), the selection is transmitted either to a supervisor/manager for authorisation or, depending on the monetary spend/product mix threshold, sent to the despatch team at Meter Provida. Once authorised, Meter Provida will look to despatch same day on orders received pre-12 noon or next day either direct into the installer’s collection point, which can be a central store, or to an agreed engineer’s locker.

The App has been designed to deliver efficiencies across the entire operational scope of the meter installation process, by reducing downtime, minimising wasteful spend, eliminating paper-trails and expense claims and needless new account setups, whilst empowering operational management teams with control and installers with 24/7 instant ordering.

WorkSmart is part of the slipstream family- the recognised brand-leading meter logistics solution used by the ‘premier league of meter installers’ across the UK. It is part of a suite of Apps being released by Meter Provida aimed at supporting their customer base to optimise spend, increase efficiency and get more meters on the wall. Meter Provida, with its significant buying power in the metering arena, ensures these efficiencies are passed on by spreading their expertise and understanding of the industry by constantly evolving their touchpoints in the meter supply business.

*If ordered by 12 noon.