The widest range, from
dumb meters to SMETS II ready

Meter Provida offers the largest range of meters in the UK
– from dumb meters to smart meters, domestic to commercial, Gas, Electric, or Water – we carry stock from the world’s leading manufacturers.

With SMETS II’s arrival, we have worked closely with leading meter manufacturers to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology changes and compliance and have a comprehensive range of SMETS II compliant meters ready for installation.

Buy through our online store or our App, or contact our Customer Service Team to discuss your requirements. Our teams are highly technical and can guide you through our ranges to ensure you get the best quality and price for your project.


  • We stock meters from most leading manufacturers
  • Latest meter technologies available, including SMETS II
  • Commercial and Domestic Meters
  • gas


    Meter Provida offers the widest range of gas meters and gas meter accessories available in the UK, from all the leading manufacturers including Elster and Sensus.

  • gas


    Single Jet, Volumetric, Static, SMART and Woltmann water meters and the latest communication options for easy integration with energy management, BMS systems, AMR/AMI, leakage detection and tenant billing systems.

  • gas


    We offer a full range of Domestic, commercial, and industrial meters and communication options including high quality AMI and AMR products & systems from Elster.

  • gas


    Count on us for everything you need for a successful installation – from Screws, pipe and cable, to complete meter kits and all your PPE needs. All ready for same day despatch


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Installation Consumables &
Meter Kits

Not having the simplest of items can stop an engineer from completing an installation. At Meter Provida, we stock every item your engineers need for a successful installation. From all forms of PPE, including boots, shoe covers and dog spray to tools and copper wire, Meter Provida ensures your engineers have the right equipment when and where they need it.

Our specialist meter kits include all the necessary fittings for installation of any domestic or commercial meter. Like installation consumables, our Meter Kits can be purchased 24/7 through our Online Shop or from our WorkSmart app, and can be shipped with meters for streamlined workflows for engineers.

Where a meter is difficult to access or requires a different solution, our Meter Specialists can create bespoke kits. Call our Customer Services Team to discuss your needs.


  • Pre-packaged installation kits
  • Customised and Bespoke kits available
  • Every kind of consumable
  • All PPE required for installations, from shoe covers to branded workwear
“ Meter location in multi-occupancy buildings is governed under IGE/G/5, and to assist BGs connection teams to meet the requirements of the standard, Meter Provida created a manifold system in partnership with British Gas to ensure straightforward, cost effective installations, whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety for “meter-bank” installations.”