Meeting the smart meter rollout challenge of removed asset tracking, repair and repatriation for our partners

An end-to-end solution that is not only compliant but
provides data tracking, reporting and certification


Removing 53 million meters from homes across the UK and replacing them with new smart meters brings a raft of environmental, logistics, and legal issues, not to mention regulatory compliance with over 14 separate pieces of legislation and four separate codes of practice to adhere to.

Meter Provida’s specialist Reverse Logistics division takes care of all of the elements of asset removal, including returning meters to their legal owners, preparing them to go back into service, or sending them for an environmentally sound disposal, as well as maximising opportunities to maximise asset value.

“Everything we do is to ensure your compliance.”

From the moment an asset is removed from the wall, our apps and data services help you to track and monitor location and condition as the meter heads to our dedicated UK Processing Facilities, ensuring compliance with MAMCoP.

Our trained teams take meters through a rigorous diagnostics program. For meters that can be refurbished and put back in the field, we offer in house repair, cleaning and testing that produces meters that look like new.

For meters that are faulty, we can liaise with manufacturers over warranties, or for those beyond repair, initiate scrap or disposal in line with industry compliance.

Our intelligent systems deliver a range of management information, including the end-to-end traceability records required for total compliance, as well as reports on damage trends and missing meters and kits.

Our team is able to help identify asset owners and manage the repatriation process, locate missing meters and kits and initiate chargebacks for them, and liaise with manufacturers over warranty.

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“The compliant removal and management of meter assets in the smart rollout is an essential yet often marginalized part of the process. ScottishPower recognised the need for a specialist partner to help them deliver on this part of the smart rollout and selected Meter Provida to deliver on the 6 key elements for OFGEM compliance.”