Trace removed assets in the smart rollout, with Slipstream Track

Written by admin 5.02.2019

One of the biggest challenges of the Smart Rollout is the repatriation of removed assets to their owners. For MAPs and MAMs, the value of lost or damaged assets can run into £millions, not to mention the staff costs locating and assessing stock. For OAMIs, unreturned or damaged stock can lead to regulatory fines and potentially punitive legal claims.

Meter Provida has developed a robust solution that solves the problem of lost and damaged meter assets for MAPs, MAMs, and OAMIs – Slipstream Track.

Slipstream Track is an app that tracks the location and condition of a meter from the moment it leaves the wall to its arrival at Meter Provida’s specialist Reverse Logistics Division, AMS.

The process begins when an engineer removes an asset and scans it into Slipstream Track using a handheld device, before placing the meter and kit in a Meter Provida Tote box.

Each Tote box is serialised and when full, is securely sealed and scanned into the Slipstream Track App before the engineer returns it Meter Provida’s logistics partner at a convenient PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) location.

On arrival, the logistics partner scans the Tote, triggering a notification of the Tote location and contents to Meter Provida. Meter Provida then tracks the contents back to their Reverse Logistics division, AMS. AMS confirm the Tote’s arrival and condition before beginning the repatriation process.

The audit trail created by Slipstream Track provides detailed evidence of the condition and location at each stage of the asset’s journey, from the wall back to the owner. Slipstream Track reduces the risk and cost implications of lost assets, and our API interface with industry reporting systems ensures complete compliance.

Slipstream Track is the latest addition to Slipstream, the specialist meter management platform. Slipstream Track works seamlessly alongside other Slipstream apps, including the WorksManagement, WorkSmart and StockCheck apps.